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Tuesday, 24 August 2010 13:07

14.10.2009 born longhair Russian Toy puppies, 1 male and 3 females, all black&tan




Russian Toy long hair: SHER MONPASIE "Poju"

Puppies pedigree


*at 12 o´clock came childwater and puppies birth became really. At 12:53 came out the First princess in her bag. The female´s birth weight was 86 gr. Lilli started to take care a puppy at once just great. It doesn't take than almoust half an hour, when the litter´s only prince born at 13:31 out to the world and the weight was 133gr. Then the next puppy (princess) born at 15:06 and the weight was 93gr and the last princess came out back feet at first at 16:45 and her weight wasthe biggest 142gr! GREAT Lilli! New mother is all right and take care her puppies just great! Now mother have A BIG hunger....

15.10.2009 puppies weighing

*Today we wanted to see how much puppies have new weight. Lilli seems to breastfeeding puppies all the time and the little once have very strong suction. Mother when tries to go somewhere, allways is somebody from the puppies at the breast hanging!Puppies weights have increased:
14.10.09 weight were : 86 93 133 142
15.10 new weight: 94 102 143 150
Seems to be great boom!

16.10.2009 Puppies pictures

**I took some photos from the mother and children. The smallest puppy is as tall than my little finger! How small the life begins...:)

17.10.2009 Puppies new weights.

*we were interested in the weights:
110 121 154 157
So all is over 100gr!!!

18.10.2009 Puppies new weights.

*we were interested in the weights:
123 132 174 169
Great Weights!!!

21.10.2009 *puppies weighing:
156 161 198 202
The Biggest girl is already over 200gr!!!


*Puppies eyes are a little bit open already!

24.10.2009 *New weights:
185 187 235 230
 Puppies are growing very great!!

27.10.2009 *puppies weighing:
214 216 269 275
All the Puppies are already over 200gr, GREAT!!!


30.10.2009 Lilli's people visited today.

*Lilli enjoy to show her children to her co-owner home Tiia and Tiia's parents. The Children moves a lot and sometimes they do protest when the mother disappear from the puppybox. All the children are really pert!

*puppies weights:
241 255 306 306


1.11.2009  Puppies nails cutted today.

*Yesterday puppies got their the first worming! They think that it tasted awful!

*puppies weights:
259 278 326 340


*Puppies go their puppybox all over! Where their mummy go, there go puppies too!

*All the puppies over the 315 gr!

7.11.2009 Weighing.

*Puppies want to go to do their things to newspaper! OH, how clever they are! Milkthooth seems to be coming at any day, oh mother little....;)

*puppies weights:
332 343 405 413

*All the puppies are growing just GREAT! Lilli is a fastastic mother!

8.11.2009  SOLID FOOD

*Puppies got yesterday and today already very well powdered solid food. They thought that it should have more than I gave to them

10.11.2009 Weighing.

*puppies weights today:
390 406 457 479

* Thank you Laura from the pictures!

17.11.2009 news.

*puppies enjou fully of life. They run all over the puppybox and they think that the breeder taste very good! All puppies have all milktheeths and one of the girls ear is all ready up! GREAT!

24.11.2009 news.

*puppies have been eating already Royal Canin small race puppy bites as they are dry for many days! A toy chicken is the favourite toy, chicken seems to get some speed with these children

26.11.2009 Microchips.

*puppies got today their microchips at the vet. The chipping hurt, but after a little time everyone started to play with all the vet's people there

*The girls names are T. Breanna (meaning noble), T. Brenna (meaning sword), T. Brianna (meaning high, noble)and the boy T. Brillant (meaning to sparkle)

*puppies weights today, the weights has been taking at the vet's very BIG scale:

600 600 700 700

* Puppies father Poju visited! And get his part from fiendchildren's games!

05.12.2009.Mother left

*puppies mother Lilli left to her house! Lilli's people got their part from the children´s theeths! After mother left , the puppies make a protest at first but when the dobermann female Ariel came , puppies thought that Ariel is now their mother and Ariel think so too! Now puppies sleeps at Ariel's side!  :)

19.12.2009.Puppies left

*all the puppies has left to their new homes! Tutuvaara Breanna, "Armi" lives at Helsinki with her new owner Anu Lehto and shorthair russian toy Eino. Tutuvaara Brenna, "Ruu" , lives with Laura Heikkilä at Helsinki. Tutuvaara Brilliant, "Nipsu" lives now at Rauma with the family Kiiveri. Tutuvaara Brianna lives now at Järvenpää with Iina Åberg. I wish all my best to everybody!

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